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2 SJTUers Listed as 2022 Forbes China Top 20 Up-and Coming Businesswomen

Recently, Forbes China released the list of Top 20 Up-and Coming Businesswomen. The 20 women selected this year come from a variety of fields, including technology, healthcare and consumption. Alumni from Shanghai Jiao Tong University are on the list: Peng Li, M.S. in Electrical Circuit and System, Class of 2005; Fang Mu, M.S. in Control Theory and Control Engineering, Class of 2009.

Peng Li, M.S. in Electrical Circuit and System, Class of 2005, CTO and Chief Hardware Architect of MetaX.


As the first Chinese female scientist of AMD in the world, Peng Li has 15 years of experience in high-performance GPU chip design. She has served as chief SOC architect, System architect, GFXIP architect and other positions of AMD successively, and led the entire process of many GPU products from architecture to mass production. In 2020, Peng Li founded MetaX with her core team, which has an average of nearly 20 years of experience in end-to-end development of high-performance GPU products. MetaX provides high-performance GPU chips and solutions for heterogeneous computing. Within a year, MetaX completed four rounds of multi-billion Yuan financing, all invested in the research and development of high-performance GPU. Led by Peng Li, the R&D team aims to build a world-class Chinese GPU chip company to address the supply chain security of China's high-performance computing chip and provide strong support for the computing power.

Fang MuM.S. in Control Theory and Control Engineering, Class of 2009, Co-founder and CTO of VisionNav Robotics.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, VisionNav Robotics is the world's leading automated guided vehicles forklift supplier and manufacturer. It has developed and manufactured eight series of autonomous forklift and tractor products. The company has raised hundreds of millions of Yuan financing led by Bytedance and other investors, and more than 150 projects have been implemented worldwide. Fang Mu has led the research and development of more than 10 core technologies and major products, all of which have been industrialized. She was the first who proposed the technical path of developing AGV based on the Level 4 of driving automation, i.e., Highly Automated Driving. This forward-looking is of great importance to guide the industry and push forward the commercialization of projects in mass production.


Reference: Forbes China, Sohu News, etc.

Author: Sun Xinyi

Source: Alumni Association, SJTU

Translated by Chen Chen

Proofread by Zhao Xiaojing


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