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Tenured, Tenure-track Positions at School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, P. R. China

Since established in 2000, the School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has dedicated to initiating an integrated state-of-the-art research platform in the field of pharmacy for young scientist training and pharmaceutical research practicing. The School now has a vast reservoir of young talents, well-shaped scientific disciplines, and topping facilities and faculty members. With remarkable achievements in teaching and paradigm-shifting discoveries in pharmaceutical science, the School of Pharmacy is ranked as one of the best pharmacy schools in China and well-known in the world.

To nurture a diverse, pioneering, and innovative atmosphere and to achieve excellence in both education and research by addressing emerging needs in pharmaceutical science and health care, the School Pharmacy is now open to embrace young and well-established talented experts in all disciplines of pharmacy all over the world with passion, responsibility, creativity, imagination and leadership.



  1. Distinguished ProfessorsTenured Position
  2. Tenured Professors
  3. Tenure-track Associate Professors



  1. Pharmacology and toxicology: tumor pharmacology/ biology, immunopharmacology/ biology, cardiovascular pharmacology/ biology, neuropharmacology/ biology, toxicology, network pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, drug metabolism, etc;
  2. Biological pharmacy, pharmacoinformatics, etc.


High-level talents in other pharmaceutical related disciplines are also welcome.


Distinguished ProfessorsTenured Position

1Possessing rigorous scholarship, integrity and dedication to academic ethic and excellence;

2An earned PhD degree or MD degree;

3Holding tenured professor positions (or equivalent) in world-class international universities, research institutes or well-known domestic universities with outstanding teaching, scientific research and social service performance, otherwise being funded by the National Outstanding Youth Fund, etc.

4Acquiring outstanding academic achievements and international reputations in the field with peer recognition;

5Possessing innovative and strategic thinking on the discipline construction as well as the leadership skills .


Tenured Professors

1Possessing rigorous scholarship, integrity and dedication to academic ethic and excellence;

2An earned PhD degree or MD degree;

3Holding professor positions (or equivalent) in well-known domestic universities or associate professor positions (or equivalent) in world-class universities;

4Acquiring significant achievements and reputation in the field with peer recognition;

5Possessing active academic thinking and great potential for development in the discipline construction.


Tenure-track Associate Professors

1Possessing rigorous scholarship, integrity and dedication to academic ethic and excellence;

2Younger than 38 years old.

3An earned PhD degree or MD degree of world-class universities;

4A minimum of 3 years’ academic work experience in world-class universities or renowned institutions; (Exceptionally outstanding overseas Ph.D. can break through the limit of working years);

5Carrying out innovative researches in academic foreland and acquiring impressive achievements as well as displaying strong academic potentials;

6Able to conduct academic researches, give lectures, and direct doctoral candidates independently;

7Clearing future research directions in line with the needs of the development of the discipline and faculty team.



1Competitive salary, generous housing subsidies and fully decorated transitional apartments.

2High quality undergraduate and graduate students, attractive start-up package including funding for scientific researches and laboratory space.

3Preferential policies for children to attend school.

4Convenient medical services relying on affiliated hospital resources.



1Curriculum vitae

(1) Less than 6 pages, PDF format.

(2) Contents:Name, date of birth, contact information, subject, education and work experience, list of published papers, etc.

2Research Proposal (100 words)

 Indicating research plan with 3-5 years development objectives


Please email the application materials to the contact person, with your name and subject in the email subject.



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