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Respiratory therapists breathe new life into patient care

The role of a respiratory therapist, a type of job only recognized in China in 2020, has played an important role in clinical practice, according to local hospitals.

A respiratory therapist is a specialized practitioner trained in cardiology and pulmonology.

Using advanced airway management, they mostly work in intensive care units and operation rooms. They have played an important role in the treatment of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tan Zhangjun, who was recruited by Renji Hospital half a year ago, is the first respiratory therapist with the hospital

His job is to offer individualized respiratory treatment plans for each patient under the direction of doctors. Caring and managing critical patients' airway is his task. This can greatly enhance the comprehensive treatment effects and life quality of patients at the intensive care unit.

"I am on call 24 hours, as I can be called at midnight if a patient has a low level of oxygen," Tan said. "I will arrive immediately to renovate the respiratory machine and use other physical methods to solve the problem."

Tan said his job is very meaningful, as patients can suffer less pain and have a quicker recovery if they receive proper respiratory treatment.

"So I have stayed in the ICU during the entire Spring Festival holiday," he said. "We are special force in intensive care."

Tan Zhangjun helps a critical patient clear his airway at the intensive care unit of Renji Hospital.



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