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SJTU Providing Hands-on Classes on Food Production

September 22 is the fourth Chinese Farmer's Harvest Festival. To celebrate the special day, Shanghai Jiao Tong University carried out hands-on classes on agricultural products for teachers and students with the help of School of Agriculture and Biology. More than one hundred students from different schools participated in the winemaking and pickling activities. The ingredients were what they had personally planted at vernal equinox.

From seeding, reaping, to tasting the wine and pickles made by hand, this special class had lasted for more than seven months. SJTU students harvested not only farm products but also a deep understanding of the difficulties in agricultural production, inspiring them to contribute to the cause of strengthening agriculture.

The first session for students in the winemaking group is an introductory lecture by Mr. Song Shiren, instructor of SJTU "Society of Grape and Wine Culture". He imparted systematical knowledge about the world of wine, from the history of wine to the brewing process. Then they entered the operation room, sorting out the grapes just picked from the campus vineyard; washed, broke, and put them into the cans; poured in the other ingredients and sealed the cans for fermentation.

Another group of students experienced traditional Chinese pickling. Wu Yan, who teaches the course of "Food Technology", revealed the fermentation principle behind and the key to pickling. In the operation room, the students made jars of pickles with fruits and vegetables they planted earlier. Most of the students enjoyed the process very much since this was the first time that they had tried making pickles with their own hand.

The final products will be later exhibited by the School of Agriculture and Biology. Students can take home their hand-made food during the winter holiday to share with families and friends, which will surely arouse a stronger sense of fulfillment and happiness.


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